MOT for windows as important as MOT for car to avoid unwanted repair costs

If looked after, UPVc windows can look good and provide energy efficiency for many years – but maintenance work is required to keep them at their best and avoid damages that will warrant window repairs and costs that could have easily been avoided. Although UPVc is billed as ‘maintenance free’, this simply means there is no regular up-keep on paintwork associated with timber, but some work is still required to keep it looking its best.

From cleaning frames once a year with a good cleaner to keep them looking fresh, to oiling hinges with a lubricant, there are things every homeowner can do to avoid repair costs on UPVc windows and doors.

A window or door hinge that has not been oiled can become stiff, and then in the process of trying to force a window open or closed, the hinge can be bent. Once this occurs, the only course of action is replacement.  Oiling locks is also advisable as well as checking screws haven’t become loose in both hinges and handles.

Many people require double glazing repairs in Birmingham and surrounding areas as a result of not following some simple maintenance tips. So, the advice is to do a window MOT as one would be done for a car, and homeowners can look forward to great looking windows for years to come.


glazing-repairbroken key

Broken window hinges replaced


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