Forcing a lock mechanism can lead to an unnecessary replacement cost.

Having to pay out for maintenance work at any time can be unexpected and undesirable, but as Christmas approaches, bills for work to repair window and door fittings can be particularly unwanted.

However, in some cases it can be preventable. It is quite common for double glazing repair operatives to see damaged locks on UPVc doors which, with an earlier intervention, could have been prevented from getting any worse.

Lock mechanisms can become stiff or difficult to operate for a variety of reasons. Some people put up with this to try and avoid the cost of a repair or replacement to the lock. In the long run, this can work out costly as, in many cases, the lock can be serviced so that it works with ease without having to replace it.

When people continue to force a lock which is stiff, it can lead to the lock snapping, and then a replacement is required which is more costly than getting it looked at earlier. Prevention is better than cure and with the right expertise, a lock can be fixed and continue to work for many years to come.