Don’t panic if your UPVc window installer no longer exists

Many people who had UPVc windows or doors installed by companies who may not still be in existence often don’t know where to turn for repairs. Companies such as Coldseal windows, once major players in the UPVc window and door installation market, went bankrupt and left many customers unsure of how to access window repair services for their Coldseal windows.

The good news is that the windows and doors are still easily serviceable by a reputable provider of window repair services, and 0121 Repairs engineers have vast knowledge of the window mechanisms and profiles of many of the industry’s big players such as Coldseal windows.

Whether it be failed locks, handles or hinges or replacements for misted units or cracked glass, decades of window installation and repair experience held by 0121 Repairs engineers means every job can be undertaken and customers have complete peace of mind of quality of workmanship and service guarantee.

A misty start to Spring?


Spring has sprung – and while many will be glad to see longer days and sunnier skies, quite often there is frustration to see that as the sun shines through the window, a misted unit can put a dampener on the brightest of days.

Unsightly they may be, but misted units are very common and the replacement of them is easy, cost effective and can transform the look of a room that has been spoiled by a misted window unit. Quite often, people think they can be repaired, and there are companies that offer this service, but a replacement for a brand new unit can be cost-comparable and will last for many more years.


The best advice for consumers who are interested in having misted unit replaced is to measure the window to get an approximate size – a good rule of thumb is to measure the glass that is visible and not to worry too much about accuracy, small marginal differences really won’t affect the quote. If there is any lead pattern in the unit, or it is toughened (for instance in the bottom panel of a door or any window that is less than 800mm from the ground) it is advisable to mention this when obtaining a quote, as it does affect the price.


Many consumers are surprised that a problem they may have been putting up with for some time is so easily remedied. A unit replacement can make their misty days instantly brighter!