Buy one get one free throughout March and April: anti-snap locks to combat breaking and entering crime.

Home security is a growing issue for many, as the recessionary pinch has spurred a rise in crime. Whilst homeowners have always been advised to take security measures, unfortunately thieves can often be one step ahead, continually developing ways around these.

Many people believe that their UPVc doors and composite doors are safe and secure, but thieves can now snap a standard cylinder lock in just a few seconds, silently and easily – and there are even ‘how to’ videos popping up on sites such as YouTube.

A break in can cause trauma, loss and inconvenience, and with nothing more than a flat ended screwdriver, criminals are able to snap the door handle plate to expose the lock barrel, which is then easily snapped.

In addition to this, thieves are ‘bumping’ locks using a bump key which is readily available on the internet and can be used to bump the lock pins out of lock position. Even without this key, normal locks can be picked or drilled with ease and speed by experienced thieves.

Fortunately, the window and door industry has responded with a high security anti-snap and anti-bump lock which offers much higher security for home and business owners. There is a general lack of knowledge among consumers about the availability of these locks, and their relative low cost to ensure security and avoid loss. In fact, they are only marginally more expensive than a regular lock.

0121 Repairs is fitting these for £60 – but throughout March and April they are Buy One Get One Free. Consumers can secure the front and back doors to their home for just £60 – and have complete peace of mind of security

Watch this short video on lock bumping    

.Watch this BBC clip on lock snapping.