Take extra security measures as the nights draw in


As the nights draw in and days are shorter, opportunistic thieves make the most of the cover darkness gives them. Extra security measures to prevent this are advisable, and are available in a variety of guises.

As well as high security anti-snap locks that are now widely available through reputable UPVc door and window repair companies, a popular and cost-effective solution that homeowners are opting for are sash jammers, or snap locks, as they’re sometimes known.

These inconspicuous devices provide added security, as, if an intruder were able to break into the window or door lock, they would not be able to gain access as the sash jammers/snap locks are fitted to the top and bottom of a UPVc door or window (or on the side of a window, depending on where the opener is) to make it virtually impossible to prise open the window.

The sash jammers/snap lock are relatively small and won’t spoil the look of the door or window, but provide a great solution and added peace of mind for those worried about what the dark nights can bring.

A good double glazing repair company will be able to install the sash jammers/snap lock quickly with no mess or fuss – giving home owners added security in an instant.